Supersuckers / Zeke – Split 7″

Review in

Lowcut Magazine


What a scoop for Bootleg Booze, two of my all time faves on one 7″, neat-o! “Cato Negro” is vintage Supersuckers, a hardrockin’ powerhouse of a song. Catchy, fast, loud, tight…y’know, it’s Eddie and the boys, man! “Chinatown” (not a Thin Lizzy cover) is Zeke showing off their Motörhead influences; raw, ballsy, pissed off angry cockpunk’n’roll with a notnotch production to boot. This split is a no-brainer, so get it now, motherfuckers! According to Bootleg Booze it’s limited to 700 black, 200 yellow, 100 Vinyl Club ONLY black-yellow splatter.

(“Fantastic… like in really, really good”)

(Lowcut #30)
Written by: Jens

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