The Accidents – All Time High LP/CD

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Date: 20040101

Four self-proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll hillbillies on a mission, The Accidents claim to mix ’50s rock-n-roll with high energy punk, yet offer more on their 12-tracker”All Time High”.

“Her Last Dance” opens the album and instantly underlines the considerable influence of The Supersuckers, Teengenerate and Australia’s own The Onyas. Title track “All Time High” follows and maintains the high-energy rage, as the band hammers home their message.

Another standout is “Every Beat of My Heart” where intelligent harmony vocals figure quite prominently and the band displays some dynamics not previously heard. “Kings of the Night” pulls the pack back significantly and presents a quieter side of the band.

“Too Much to Drink'” delivers a memorable sing-along chorus.”(I’m Never Coming) Back to You” is another stylistic departure, with the band almost almost entering SoCal punk territory. Vocal stylings and another sing-along chorus save the day.

The Hank Williams-penned “Pan America”, follows as the band get back to their slashing high energy best to close the CDLP.

“All Time High” is a great effort, with enough variety to keep it interesting.

3 1/2 of 5
Written by: Simon L

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