The Accidents – All Time High LP/CD

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Date: 20040101

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It’s a popular misconception that anyone can play beefed up early 12 bar r’n’b/rock’n’roll and play it well. Many attempt it and come away with their tails between their legs or others try to be too clever and turn it into a dull, clichéd, muso mess. If you want to sample a master class, jump headlong and fully clothed into the sound of Swedish four piece The Accidents. ‘All Time High’ their debut album (after the success of a string of 7-inch singles) is a glorious incendiary collection of super-charged early rock’n’roll approached with a punk attitude and energy. Reference points abound. Imagine The Feelgoods on speed, The Ramones on a 50s tip, the spine-tingling excitement of obscure early punk singles, The Heartbreakers at their best. Get the picture? This fearsome looking bunch shit on the pretentious, self-conscious, retro indulgence of the likes of the Hives; this is the real stuff 110% proof. Limited to a thousand copies, search this out immediately and tell them I sent you! I’m off to spin it again and again… ‘Let’s go!

5 out of 5.
Written by: Sean McGhee

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