The Accidents – All Time High LP/CD

Review in

Lowcut Magazine


Date: 20040101

“All Time High” is my pick of best drinking record in this issue! The press release states; “Instead of milk in the babies bottles they got whiskey, instead of sugar on their cereal they got cocaine, instead of lullabys they got Elvis” and labels their sound as ‘Hillbilly Punkrock’n’roll’. Although the Swedes list Hank Williams (they cover “Pan America”) as an inspiration, I’d call their highly infectious sound for ‘good time drinking rock’n’roll singalong punkrock’, think The Devil Dogs with more a snotty ’77 punk style like The Adicts and you’re halfway there. I’m very impressed with the power drumming of Rick Rebel Jennings who’s pounding like there’s no tomorrow on through the 12 catchy tracks, total bliss! The Accidents features members of Voice Of A Generation. Buy or pick up my beer tab!

(4/5 – Fantastic… like in really, really good.)

Written by: Jens

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