The Deadbeats – Long Hard Nights LP/CD

Review in

Daredevil Magazine


Date: 20041201

It was about time that these guys are back with a new long-player…I mean…what should I say…I loved their 7″ earlier this year (also on Bootleg Booze). This album is another step forward to the Rock olymp. A lot of people said that The Deadbeats sound like the new Hellacopters…f**ck no…I think The Deadbeats are better. Long hard nights isn´t overproduced and, but also pretty fat and damn smooth to the ear. Just the perfect mixture out of traditional Rock and some Garage with great refs and melodies that stay in your head for days. It would take toooo long to talk about every track on this silver plate, but there´re only highlights on Long Hard Nights and believe me after a couple of minutes listening to this CD you will love the Deadbeats too. A whole lot of guitars…a whole lot of feeling…a whole lot of Deadbeats. For fans of Jet and Hellacopters a must…for the rest of the world a must too.


(December 2004)
Written by: RB

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