The Deadbeats – Long Hard Nights LP/CD

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Date: 20050101

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This is either 70s style groove rock or late 90s garage rock from Sweden, I still haven’t decided. Either way, its really mellow, musty rock n roll that makes me wanna grab a beer and a joint and just sit back and relax in my LoveSac. The Deadbeats play their music quite like their name… When I think deadbeat, I think lazy, slacker, go with the flow kinda stuff… The album is just like that. Groovy mellow rock that melts you away to another time and place. “Long Hard Nights” is a great name for the album too, as this is the soundtrack to a hard night of boozing and pilling it up. I would almost consider it hangover music, the type of album that you would put on while curling up to your lady friend in a drunken stupor. With twelve tracks of cool lazy melodies, you will find that The Deadbeats will suit the needs of those of you looking for an escape. “Long Hard Nights”, I’ve decided, this is a splendid collection of retro-fueled 70s groove rock, meant for all of us beer pounders around the world!
Written by: MG

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