The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Lowcut Magazine


Date: 20080501

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These filth mongers from Nottingham sport ex-members of X-Rays and The Divine Brown, and as expected The Hip Priests excel in sleaze punk’n’roll with the sophisticated tactfulness of GG Allin and Lemmy. Horny as hell, these fuckers take no prisoners in their quest for kicks, and thankfully the songs can more than backup the wreckless attitudes. Imagine Turbonegro and Dwarves with equal amonts of Detroit r’n’r and Zodiac Mindwarp glam, then buttfuck it with some ’77 punk, and you’re sorta there. Massive! Half of the 12 tracks are from their debut EP “Numbers Of The Priests”, and the rest are just as fierce, only the production of “Tight ‘N’ Exciting” is superior to the EP. Highly recommended.
If you dig: early Turbonegro, Dwarves, Stooges

(Fantastic…like in really, really good.)

(Lowcut #45)
Written by: Jens

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