The Hymans – Rocker 7″

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DBN Magazine

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“Play fast’n loud be Hyman proud” is this band’s motto. Their high octane brand of punk rock’n roll is indeed something to be proud of. They have a bit of a RAMONES tint into their sound but it’s not overshadowing and that’s a definite plus. I didn’t really look at the record sleeve after putting this on and was blow away by the last song on the record ( at least by the way I listened to it ). They do an amazing cover of one of my favorite fuckin’ songs. HANOI ROCKS – “Don’t you ever leave me”. I love that song, I love to drink and I love this record. This is on basic black vinyl but the cover opens into a poster so you can decorate your walls with something other that home made paint. I definitely hope to hear a helluva lot more from this band.

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