The Maharajas – Opposites Attract (7″)

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You think you’ve heard garagerock and knows all about it – but as people say, ”You ain’t heard nothin’ yet”
This new 7” of The Maharajas it’s all power, guts and thoughts from one of the most brilliant groups to yet emerge from Sweden. Writing their own material leaves The Maharajas flying free to experiment and progress. Something they never stopped doing during their more than 20 years long career.
Chaputa Records are proud to once again release a brand new, red-hot vinyl by these fine lads from Swingin’ Sweden. So buckle up and let that stylus plow their new seven inches of pleasure.”
Ben Dover

Limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl. Flip cover, one side with band photo and the other with a fantastic illustration by Rui Ricardo.

A-side: Opposites Attract
B-side: Overlord

The Mighty Maharajas line-up:
Mathias Lilja (Vocals / Guitar)
Jens Lindberg (Guitar / Vocals)
Ulf Guttormsson (Bass / Vocals) *
Jesper Karlsson (Drums / Percussion)

Recorded on the Rabahiff Mobile at Roswell Rehearsal, 28th of December, 2018
Produced, mixed and mastered by John Gordon
Photographer: Lill-Per Nyström
BacK cover art: Rui Ricardo | Sleeve design: Mr Esgar

* First guitar solo on Overlord