V/A – Bootleg Series Vol. 1 – Up North/Downunder (LP)


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“For those about to rock – we salute you” AC/DC exclaimed back in 1981, and what better phrase than that to introduce you to the “Bootleg Series”?! 11 December 2009 we will release “Vol. 1” upon the world of rock’n’roll – a compilation LP featuring some of the best bands offered from Australia and Sweden – six bands representing each country.

Sleevedesign by Dirty Donny.
Liner notes from The Barman (I-94 Bar) & Dave Champion.

All songs are exclusive or unreleased.

1. The Specimens – Good Times Gone (AUS)
2. Tramp – No Light (SWE)
3. Leadfinger – Swept Back (AUS)
4. The Deadbeats – Get’s Me By (SWE)
5. Sator – I’m Plastic (SWE)
6. Lightning Strikes – Leave Here Alone (SWE)
1. The Sewergrooves – Easy To Pretend (SWE)
2. The Sure-Fire Midnights – Over The Edge (AUS)
3. Rio Grande – Eye For Eye (SWE)
4. Screwtop Detonators – We Want You (AUS)
5. “Demons” – The Leeches (I’m Getting Out!) (SWE)
6. The Devilrock Four – My Favourite Enemy (AUS)

Pressing: First press 500 copies on black vinyl (100 copies comes with a special bootleg booze canvas bag, only available through our mailorder)

Cat. Nr: Booze024, Bootleg Booze Records
Releasedate: 2009-12-11