Boogie Hammer – By Popular Demand *black* (LP)

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Tvåtakt Records, together with Cimex Records, are very happy to present By Popular Demand by the mighty Boogie Hammer. This is a “best of” record that spans over their entire career – from the first demo til their latest 7″.

Side One
1. A little bit better
2. Full bingo
3. Born on a rampage
4. Pay for everything (you break)
5. Two out of three aint bad
6. (The return of) the great Süpurgesi
7. Whiteliner
8. Karanlik yollar

Side Two
1. Chainsaw
2. All revved up
3. A heartbeat away from heartbreak
4. Rock on
5. Middle aged skinhead Rock n roll
6. Last day at the plant
7. Donnowattado
8. Vienna by night

Limited edition 500 copies.
350 black vinyls. <—–  (THIS IS THE BLACK VINYL EDITION)
150 blue vinyls.