Imperial State Electric - Reptile Brain (7” vinyl, booze036, press sleeve)

Imperial State Electric 2nd pressing info

We can now finally bring you some info regarding the 2nd pressing of the Imperial State Electric – Reptile Brain 7″. There has been some changes to the original information we sent out as we had a pressing plant error.

Second pressing:
Total: 650 copies (500 in orange vinyl, 150 in black vinyl)

    • The orange vinyl is like the first pressing, with the exception of a sticker in the corner on the sleeve that says it’s the second pressing.
    • The black vinyl is only available in our mailorder and from the band.’
    • Everybody that has ordered a black vinyl from us will of course receive what they ordered and not the orange vinyl.
    • The black vinyls will be ready to ship late January, the orange 2nd pressing is in stock now.


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