The Accidents - All Time High (LP vinyl, booze012, front sleeve, 500 copies)

The Accidents – All Time High LP repress is finally available again!

2004’s most epic punk-rock release sees the light of day again!

These mythic Ayatollahs of rock n rolla still reign with this indisputable modern classic.

Once again after 18 years of pandemic this masterpiece is available again!

Release date: 2022-09-02

Pressing information:
First repress made in 500 copies totally:
325 copies on black vinyl
175 copies on gold vinyl (Bootleg Booze mailorder ONLY)

Contains a full-color printed insert.


Side A:
Her Last Dance
All Time High
Baby Come Home
Mean Mean Woman
Every Beat of My Heart
Kings of the Night

Side B:
Too Much to Drink
Dancing to the Beat
Last Sigh of Summer
Bad Money
(I’m Never Coming) Back to You
Pan-America (Originally by Hank Williams)

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