Bad Machine

V8 Wankers


Vinyl 7"


Sounds of the Drags – Two fully charged full-throttle motorpunk bands sharing this extremely hot double action piece of wax! Exciting! Authentic! Sensational!
Superb on-the-strip recordings of the big-time championship drag races.
Or in plain English: two of the most hardworking bands, from Finland and Germany respectively, comes together and performs excellent speedy Motörhead/Zeke-fueled rock’n’roll!

“Presumably two more bands off the Scandinavian rock and roll production line because they’re on the great Bootleg Booze label and, as you might guess, it’s great driving music (especially if you like to go fast!) Bad Machine crank out two ball tearing punkers with metal leanings while V8 Wankers go toe-to-toe on the flip with a brace of their own songs in the style of Nashville Pussy or Motorhead.”    /I-94 Bar

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Pressing information

Date 20041212
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

666 copies

  • 566 black vinyl
  • 100 Boozersclub editions on transparent vinyl

Cover design by Drunken Pirate.


Sida A:
01 Bad Machine Deathrace
02 Bad Machine Thunderbeat
Side B:
01 V8 Wankers Iconoclast
02 V8 Wankers El Camino

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Title: Sounds of the Drags


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