Dee Rangers

Upside Down

Vinyl 7"


This is the first of a number of singles that will be included in our “Jukebox Series”.

The famous beat-garage-rockers Dee Rangers are first band out and they deliver two catchy 60’s styled tunes. The first track “Upside Down” is an original, and on the flipside you’ll get a great cover version of 4PK’s “Down and Out”.
Their fuzz grabs you, shakes you, and get the dancefloor groovin’.

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Pressing information

Date 20090313
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

500 black vinyl

  • 330 copies, regular version.
  • 170 copies, boozersclub edition comes with a jukebox insert and a stamped cover.


Side A:
01 Upside Down
Sida B:
01 Down and Out (Originally by 4PK)

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