The Accidents

Stigmata Rock'n'Rolli

Vinyl 10"


Put on your dancin’ shoes for this 10″ fom the hillbilly punkrock’n’rollers The Accidents. 6 tracks of speedy and catchy-as-hell punk from these greasers which takes us back to the excellence they created on their self-titled 10″ and debut full-length All Time High.

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Pressing information

Date 20090608
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Available

1000 copies

  • 900 black vinyl with black stamped logo on the cover.
  • 100 black vinyl with red stamped logo on the cover, only sold through us.
  • 5 testpressings


Sida A:
01 Three square meals a day
02 In the armin now
03 Lonely Street
Side B:
01 Downunderman
02 Cold Cold Blood
03 Goiß-Maß

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