Hard Action

Hands Dripping Red

Vinyl 7"


Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen. Rockers of all ages. We present to you the best band of tomorrow – today! With a solid foundation of 70’s rock and late 70’s punk, this Finnish 4-man unit are on a mission to fill a void and once again fuel rock with high energy. They are the soldiers with electric guitars, they are the defenders of the riff – they are Hard Action!

In the summer of 2015 the band released their debut album “Sinister Vibes” on Finnish label Svart Records that has received very good reviews.

We will release the band’s second dirty penetrating rock “n” roll single in February 2016. Two tracks that are buzzing of electricity and attitude. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The vinyl will be pressed in 500 copies on classic black vinyl and 100 copies of them will be for our vinyl club. The Boozers Club edition will have a different sleeve and be hand-numbered. There will also be a tour-edition in 50 copies but that will ONLY be available at the bands tour in January/February 2016

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Pressing information

Date 20160212
Pressing plant Flight 13 Duplication, Germany
Status Available

500 copies, black vinyl

  • 110 with a handnumbered limited edition cover for members of the Boozersclub
  • 50 copies in special tour-edition
  • 5 testpressings


Sida A:
01 Hands Dripping Red
Side B:
01 Tunnel Vision

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