Mary's Kids

Crust Soup - The Singles Collection 2006-2013



On the 14th of November we will together with Ghost Highway Recordings release a Mary’s Kids compilation called “Crust Soup” on CD. It’s a compilation of singles released during the years 2006-2013 (except for one song that was forgotten) + two new exclusive tracks. The CD will be released in Sweden and Spain first and later on for the rest of the world.

Pressing information

Date 20141114
Pressing plant Rock CD, Spain

500 copies, Digipak-CD with booklet.


01 I've Had It
02 It's Not Easy
03 Destroy!
04 Hightime (Zero Boys)
05 I'm Sick In The Head
06 I Can't See Straight
07 It's Gonna Be Alright
08 I'm Fed Up (Ike Turner)
09 Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode)
10 Little Boxes (Teenage Head)
11 Lost
12 Dicks Hate The Police (The Dicks)
13 Shanandoah (The Hurriganes)
14 Limo Life (UK Subs)
15 Pitch Black Hole

Miscellaneous stuff

Co-release with Ghost Highway Recordings (GHR-CD-01).


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