Jake Starr

I've Got Mine

Vinyl 7"


Solo 7″ single by Jake Starr (Adam West) together with The Hall Monitors from Washington DC. The Hall Monitors are a high-energy rocking garage band that are one of Little Steven’s favorites. Also helping out will be Bobby Belfiore of The Optic Nerve, a seminal NYC garage band that are featured on the “Nuggets” Volume #3 box set. They are covering the Small Faces “I’ve Got Mine” and the Easybeats “Sorry”. It’s 1966 again, folks! This will be the most MODtastic single of Jake’s career

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Pressing information

Date 20100129
Pressing plant Musicol Recording, USA
Status Soldout

500 copies

  • 300 white vinyl
  • 100 transparent blue vinyl for members of the Boozersclub 
  • 100 transparent red vinyl only available through our Mailorder 
  • 5 testpressings


Side A:
01 I've Got Mine (Originally by The Small Faces)
Side B:
01 Sorry (Originally by The Easybeats)

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