Mary's Kids


Vinyl 7"


With fantastic riffs and sharp leads Mary Currie (formerly of the great Mensen) and her kids are unleashing some of the most catchy, yet straight on, punk rock you’ve heard in years. With the EP “Destroy” the void that echoed in punk rock since Mary didn’t have an outlet has finally been filled, and we are just so proud to be the label to bring you these three tracks.


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Pressing information

Date 20061020
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

525 black vinyl

  • 200 with yellow cover.
  • 150 with red cover.
  • 100 with white cover (mailorder only).
  • 75 Boozersclub editions with silver sticker sleeve.
  • 5 testpressings.


Side A:
01 Destroy
Side B:
01 Lost
02 I'm Fed Up (Originally by Ike and Tina Turner)

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