Black Radio

The Ruling Class


Vinyl 7"


Two tracks from each band, all four being super charged with punk rock action!

You get the sound of the early Hellacopters, Puffball, Grinners, Zeke, and Motörhead all brought together on one piece of wax – topped off with more attitude you and your friends have combined!

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Pressing information

Date 20080314
Pressing plant Musicol Recording, USA
Status Available

500 black vinyl.

  • 100 Boozersclub editions in a “Chromed-Rim-Sleeve”.
  • 5 testpressings.


Side A:
01 Black Radio Outlaw Racer
02 Black Radio Time's Up
Side B:
01 The Ruling Class Born to Kill
02 The Ruling Class The Last of A Dying Breed

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