Midlife Crisis

Cranked Up Really High E.P.

Vinyl 7"


Midlife crisis – feelings of worry and lack of confidence, when you are between 40 and 50 years old.

Midlife Crisis – four good friends wanting to play some basic, no bullshit, punk rock.

Which one of these two do you prefer?

When Urrke T (Maryslim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Måns M (the Maggots), and Robban (the Hellacopters) decide to throw a handful of punk rock covers your way you know they’ll hit with full force.

On this, their second EP, the Midlife Crisis treat you to a couple of known and a couple of lesser known killer tunes that’ll have you break your hip in no time.

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Pressing information

Date 20080815
Pressing plant Musicol Recording, USA
Status Soldout

1190 copies

  • 563 yellow vinyl
  • 363 black vinyl
  • 214 Boozersclub editions on black/yellow swirled vinyl
  • 5 testpressings
  • 50 copies – The Fritz Corner Box Set was released only for the show at Fritz Corner November 10th 2010.
    Included are the 3 versions of Cranked Up Really High singles,a flyer for the show, a Midlife Crisis sticker and a bootleg booze sticker.
    Packed in a really nice paper box.


Side A:
01 Cranked Up Really High (Originally by Slaughter & the Dogs)
02 Raggare (Originally by PF Commando)
Side B:
01 Vital Hours (Originally by The Outsiders)
02 I Need Nothing (Originally by The Menace)

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