The Hip Priests

Tight 'N' Exciting

Vinyl LP


Formed in May 2006 from the ashes of near legendary Nottingham Garage heroes the X-Rays and London Punk ‘n’ Rollers The Divine Brown, The Hip Priests are the inbred backward bastard sons of Iggy, Johnny T, Hank von Helvete, Lemmy, and Handsome Dick.

In November 2007 this lot unleashed their high action and anthemic rock’n’roll on an unsuspecting world and if you haven’t caught on yet you should be prepared to cream your jeans!

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Pressing information

Date 20071105
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic .
Status Soldout

500 black vinyl.

Co-release with Sonic Dirt.


Side A:
01 Cream Ma Jeans
02 Demon Hooker
03 Grease Machine
04 Hip Priest
05 Teenage Friction
06 F.T.P.
Side B:
01 I Love to Fuck
02 Superwhore
03 Juiced Up 'n' Loose
04 Hangin' With the Boys
05 Ass on Fire
06 Young Savage

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CD-version is available here.


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