Noise of Reality


Vinyl 7"


“Rickshaw are from Sweden, you should know this already, and in case you’ve been ignoring everything we’ve written in LGL about these guys, let me say it again. They kick ass! Their two tracks on this disc are no exception. They still rule! Noise Of Reality, also from Sweden, not only have a totally misleading name but they also have something else in common with their mates in Rickshaw. They too kick ass and huge amounts of it. It’s like Ronnie James Dio singing for a punk rock version of Motorhead.”

/Long Gone Loser Magazine

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Pressing information

Date 20020316
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

500 copies

  • 450 black vinyl
  • 50 black vinyl copies with a special edition plastic-bag.

Carving grooves: “I got salsa for you” (Rickshaw), “Eller finns det svenskt kaffe på grisfesten” (Noise of Reality).

Rickshaw: Recorded at Nacksving Studios, Gothenburg on the 20th of January 2002 by Edh & Rickshaw.

Noise of Reality: Recorded & Produced by Leif Karlsson & Noise of Reality at Blå Huset Studios, Dec 2001.

Rickshaw art made by Jocke Olsson. Cover photo by rock n roll photographer Stefan Peterson.
Noise of Reality side made by Pär Eskilsson & Andreas Larsson. Cover photos by Mia Olsson.
Insert and NoR label by Andreas Larsson, Rickshaw label by Jocke Olsson


Side A:
01 Rickshaw Numbing Fuel
02 Rickshaw Kick It!
Side B:
01 Noise of Reality Sweet Mary
02 Noise Reality Comeback

Miscellaneous stuff

Co-release with HDP.


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