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“Play fast’n loud be Hyman proud” is this band’s motto. Their high octane brand of punk rock’n roll is indeed something to be proud of. They have a bit of a RAMONES tint into their sound but it’s not overshadowing and that’s a definite plus… …They do an amazing cover of one of my favorite fuckin’ songs. HANOI ROCKS – “Don’t you ever leave me”. I love that song, I love to drink and I love this record.”

– DBN Magazine

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Pressing information

Date 20001001
Pressing plant GZ Digital Media, Czech Republic
Status Soldout

500 copies

  • 378 black vinyl
  • 22 promo copies without covers but with a special promo-sticker
  • 82 transparent purple vinyl with black splatter (10 copies with Hymans and Bootleg Booze iron-on stickers.
  • 20 transparent purple vinyl with black splatter in a screenprinted leather bag packed with goodies
  • 12 testpressings that came in a screenprinted 3-color metal-box with even more goodies

Recorded and mixed by Tommy Tägtgren & The Hymans in Abyss Studio 24-29/11 -1999 and 28/1 -2000. Produced by The Hymans.

The hot coverart was drawn by Per Eskilsson. It measures 360x330mm (app. 14″x13″). The front is BIG damn cool handpainted-picture and the inside is a poster of The Hymans. Labelart by Andreas Larsson


Side A:
1 Rocker
2 Don't You Ever Leave Me (Originally by Hanoi Rocks)
Side B:
1 Dixie Motel
2 You Push It - You Hide It

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