The Accidents – Dead Guys 7″

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Lowcut Magazine


Date: 20050201

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Get liquored up! These Swedes’ brand of rowdy punkrock’n’roll is the perfect soundtrack to any drunken party. As the title reveals this slap o’ wax is a tribute to some of their faves that passed away. Buddy Holly’s “Oboy” gets roughed up and knocked around in true Accidents-style; fast, catchy and furious but played with respect, probably my fave cut. “I Wanna Be Loved” will surely put a smile on Johnny Thunders up there in the unknown where I bet he’s creating magic with Nolan, Dee Dee and Joey. “Tonight” (Eddie Meduza) shows a more melodic, dare I say, sensitive side of the band. The single comes in black coffin shaped cardboard, which looks mighty nice besides my Coffin Joe dvd box. Check my previous Lowcut interview with’em for further info. A another winner from Bootleg Booze Records.


(#21, February 2005)
Written by: Jens

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