The Accidents – Dead Guys 7″

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Date: 20050201

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Oh, those crazy Swedes have been at it again with Bootleg Booze Records practically throwing releases at us this month. We decided not to review The Accidents’ nitro-glycerine label mates Bad Machine and the V8 Wankers. Tempted though we were by their titles of Deathrace and Thunderbeat, it all seemed a bit too Magma for us really. What attracted Singles Bar to The Accidents was the brilliant premise behind Dead Guys: Three songs, played by The Accidents, written by people who are dead! Whoah! Hang on, hasn’t that been done by Westlife? Well yes, but the Irish fools would soil themselves if The Accidents were on the doorstep. Oboy is handled with studded finger gloves while the drums take more hits than a German fetish website. The New York Dolls’ I Wanna Be Loved is an absolute screamer that Thunders would have no doubt thanked them for covering after years of limp interpretations.
…Tonight continues the rich harmonies but the wall of distortion could blow your balls clean off. And they’ve done it in a very respectful way, going that extra mile just to make sure the sleeve is coffin-shaped. Mmmm, tasteful.

Record Collector #307, Feb 2005

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