Bad Machine / V8 Wankers – Split 7″

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Daredevil Magazine


Date: 20050101

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Gentlemen…Start your engines…Bad Machine starts the engine really quick…damn these guys spread the flair of a nitroinjected Hot-Rod and the music is just my thing…fast played Motörhead-infected Rock´n´ Roll…a bit in the vein of Peter Pan Speedrock and with “Deathrace” and “Thunderbeat” they´ve chosen two fantastic tracks for a 7″ inch…play loud and no mercy. V8Wankers seem to be in Motörhead too, but these guys are mixing in some really need Psychobilly and the voice of Ralf gives you the rest…raw power in your face. You better be fast, cause these goodies will be sold out really soon.


(January 2005)
Written by: RB

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