Bad Machine / V8 Wankers – Split 7″

Review in

Low Cut Magazine


Date: 20050201

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

Never owned a custom car, had a tattoo or watched a drag race (though I been to a couple of drag shows, haha), but I sure like motorpunk and this battle with 2 songs each is highly listenable. Vehicle 1: Bad Machine’s speedy “Deathrace” brought back memories of Puffball, and “Thunderbeat” is a fine kickass rocker. Vehicle 2: V8 Wankers blast through the Motörhead/Zeke rager “Iconoclast” but loses energy with the monotonous “El Camino”. I’ve heard better tunes by V8 Wankers on other comps.
Still, a pretty decent release.

(#21, February 2005)
Written by: Jens

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