Bad Machine / V8 Wankers – Split 7″

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Date: 20050101

Engines roar, exhaust fumes cloud the air and the smell of burnt rubber hits the nostrils. This split seven inch by Bad Machine (Finland) and V8 Wankers (Germany) is dedicated to those speed-junkies with high-octane blood in their veins, to whom drag racing and rock n’ roll are a way of life. It comes as no surprise then, that this duo races along the same much roamed asphalt as Motörhead. Among possible newer reference points would surely be Zeke.

Sounds of the Drags! includes two songs from each band. There’s not a huge change in style or quality after flipping sides, but after the chequered flag has been waved, I’d say the winner is Bad Machine. I recently had the pleasure of seeing them warming for Zeke, which probably influenced my decision more than my Finnish hearing organs.

Basically the music rocks on each side of the record, and the German team isn’t far behind. This is straight to the point, ballsy motorist rock with an appropriate daredevil attitude. What more could you ask for? Even an academic, driver’s license lacking, public transport utilizing fellow like myself gets a kick out of the sheer sense of speed and excitement. For a more long-lasting listening experience, however, I’d require some tempo changes plus catchier world and melody interplay. But I guess that’d be a breach of etiquette.


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