Black Radio / The Ruling Class – Split 7″

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Date: 20080717

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No-nonsense motor amphetamine punk’n’roll. I thought I was pretty fed up with all the 90s Zeke/Puffball macho punk, but these two acts do a fuckin’ killer job, the vinyl oozes with gasoline, guts, and grit. Four fine Motorheadesque ragers, two tracks from each band, and by the left testical of beelzebubba, do they complement each other, FUCK YEAH! Black Radio hails from England, and The Ruling Class is from Sweden, as are Bootleg Booze Records who pulled up another winner from their badass catalogue. Now, let’s drink, fight, fuck, and drive under the influence!

If you dig: Motorhead, Zeke, Puffbal

(Fantastic… like in really, really good.)
Written by: Jens

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