Midlife Crisis – Cranked Up Really High E.P. 7″

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Lowcut Magazine


Date: 20080919

2nd EP from Urrke T (Maryslim), Dregen (Backyard Babies), Måns M (the Maggots), and Robban (the Hellacopters) and it’s another 7″ of covers of classic late 70s punkrock bands. “Cranked Up Really High” (Slaughter and the Dogs), “Raggare” (PF Commando), “Vital Hours” (Outsiders), and “I Need Nothing” by Menace. The boys seem to have a great time with these tunes, which get injected with a more cockrock-ish feel to them. The cover of the old Swedish punks PF Commando is probably my fave of the four tracks. Nothing sensational, could be funnier and more interesting if they covered songs from other artists than within the KBD punk rock’n’roll scene, or played them completely different. But still it’s a great introduction to these old acts, and you might wanna track down the originals.

If you dig: Slaughter & the Dogs, PF Commando, the Outsiders, the Menace

(Good, solid effor.)

Friday, 19 September 2008 11:32
Written by: Jens

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