Rickshaw / Noise of Reality – Split 7″

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Dare Devil Records


Another great Split with Rickshaw. If you know the Daredevil release with Hateball, these 2 songs (Numbing Fuel/Kick it!) will be faster and straight in your face.
The vocals remind me sometimes of the Misfits – and that is a good point!
The songs are fast and have a heavy and groovy sound. Great job again Rickshaw!

Noise of Reality are on the other side.
Their 2 songs (Sweet Mary/Comeback) are great too.
They go in the same direction as old Hellacopters or Gluecifer.
You also find great guitar solos on it and the vocals are very old-fashioned.
Great sound, great bands, great cover. Get it!!!

Genre: Rock
Music: 7
Sound: 7
Info: 4 songs
Written by: Jochen

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