The Accidents – Poison Chalice LP

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Lowcut Magazine


I got some good news and some bad news about the new Accidents record. The good news is that it sounds exactly like “All High Time” only better, and the bad news? Well, there isn’t any. It’s still rabid turbocharged punk’n’roll mayhem where ol’ Hank Williams Sr. gets the Devil Dogs-on-rocketfuel treatment. Ragers like “4 Days Til Payday”, “I’m On A Roll”, “Good Girl”, and “Speedking Crown” almost melted my speakers with sheer sonic power. A track like “Louise” also shows their superior command of classic ’77 punk melody. So far the best Swedish r’n’r record I’ve heard in 2005. Get the vinyl version, there’s two live bonus tracks, “Rock’n’Roll Gravy Train” and the ol’ “Burning Love” standard. And remember what D. Vacuum sez; the chalice never lies.

If you dig: Devil Dogs, Hank Williams Sr., Radio Reelers

(“Masterpiece… or thereabouts…)

(Lowcut #29)
Written by: Jens

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