The Accidents – Poison Chalice LP

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I’ve grown fairly desperate with the rock genre over the last month. Ever since MTV discovered the – in my opinion a little overrated – Hives, every rock act seems to imitate Pelle and his band. And all of a sudden The Accident’s hit me completely out of nowhere and rock all my misery to dust and ashes.

“Poison Chalice” is all about fast forward rock&roll, no holds barred and radiating the pure lust for life. The distortion and speed pedals are mostly buried under a ton of bricks and when the boys step down a little to give you room to breath as in “She walks the line,” the result is a brilliantly catchy track of unadulterated rock and roll romance. Damn, I can’t even keep my thoughts in line while listening to this album! Virtually every song bursts with incredibly infectious melodies and catchy choruses – there’s absolutely no room for depression here! Although the album comes without a lyric sheet the words can be easily inferred from the soundtrack – it’s all about cars, girls, and trading work time for leisure. Imagine the most perfect combination of Puffball and the Beach Boys and you’re not even close. Christer Spectorson’s utterly powerful production fits the songs perfectly and tops off the best rock&roll album I’ve heard in years. And it goes without saying that such an album finds a worthy conclusion in the anthemic “It’s gonna be alright.”

The Accidents are never mean with infectious rhythms and great melodies and are ready to get you dancing and singing along in the blink of an eye. You better be aware this band has all authenticity in the world to back up their illustrious nick names and massive sideburns. Must-have!!
Written by: xseb

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