The Accidents – Stigmata Rock’n’rolli 10″

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Maximum Rocknroll


Date: 20090608

Fuck yeah! What the hell is goin’ on in Sweden that i addition to practical and affordable furniture and delicious meatballs, they also produce a shit-ton of incredible rock ‘n’ roll bands!?! Add the ACCIDENTS to a list that already includes the HELLACOPTERS, BACKYARD BABIES, and more! This six-song EP kicks off from beginning to end with blistering rock ‘n’ roll full of screaming guitars, pummeling bass and drums, and gruff but melodic vocals. Even the “slower” songs rock hard! If I was to try and make a specific comparison, I’d say that the ACCIDENTS are an oddly successful blend of MOTÖRHEAD and KISS at times!?! My only complaint is that this comes in a plain sleeve with only the band name stamped on it. The music fucking rocks, and I guess that the most important thing anyways!!
Written by: ML

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