The Accidents – Stigmata Rock’n’rolli 10″

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Long Gone Loser


Date: 20090608

I first heard the Accidents years ago and thought they were amusing, crazy, and cool and it’s funny how nothing changes but the shoes. This 6 tracker of punk meets 50’s rock n roll is a real fun mix. These guys are a riot and I think they’d be a hoot to see live. The only beef I have with this record is the guitars are a bit grating to the ears so I need to fuck with the equalizer a bit so it doesn’t hurt my sensitive half deaf ears too much. Still though, it’s punk rock and it’s great. This is kinda like drunk punk without the drunks and it’s sure to get the kids dancing. One of the tracks, “Lonely Street”, sounds remotely like The Undertones “Teenage Kicks” but alas, it wasn’t to be but instead, it’s a great love song that sounds like it could be on the soundtrack for a punk rock version of The Wanderers (if such a thing was ever made). Think of the Powder Monkeys meets 50’s rock ‘n’ roll and that’s about the best description I can give you. Sounds crazy but that’s what I am hearing. The vocals do remind me a lot of the late Tim Hemensley (R.I.P.) so maybe that’s why I am thinking that. Either way, this 10” record is a lot of fun and is 6 tracks you’ll wanna keep. Enjoy!
Written by: Damo

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