The Deadbeats – Long Hard Nights LP/CD

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Degeneration Overdrive


Date: 20050101

So I walk into the record store to get my usual fix of hot vinyl, so as I flip thru the records feeling that whatever leftover cash that should be put into food is that’s burning itself away into Mathieu’s high rollin’ bank account, I come across this big red record that I would normally, probably would of passed by (cos you do end up judging many books by their cover) but then I notice it’s put out by bootleg booze records? Well knowing that the stuff they put out is quite good, I ask if I can hear it. Well what came to my hear after that was like the sweet rush of an opiate… I rarely get to hear new bands in this genre of music, which The Sewergrooves, The Flaming Sideburns and The Hellacopters fall under and when I do I count my lucky stars that somewhere in the world (usually Sweden) some people rock out to the best. Well if you catch my drift then this record is for you.
Favs: I need to fully digest this one to come to a conclusion.
Written by: Flo

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