The Deadbeats – Long Hard Nights LP/CD

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Date: 20050101

Whereas many of today’s wannabe garage bands or trash punk acts seem to try too hard to get that authentic atmosphere, Swedish quartet The Deadbeats suffer no such afflication. ‘Long Hard Nights’ is a confident, superbly delivered collection that remarkably is only their second album. In particular the guitar and vocal interplay from front man Andreas Axelson and guitarist Andreas Sjoberg, is especially noteworthy, with melodic riffs and expressive hooklines emanating from both. They offer knowing nods to the likes of The Hellacopters, and Southern rock although cleverly avoid all that ‘white boy boogie’ shite. ‘Long Hard Nights’ is a celebratory feast of quality rock dripping with imagination and class performed with panache and a style and class all their own. Add to that 12 self-penned cuts that are hard to separate on the quality level and you’ve an album of distinction and real competence, a rarity amongst the genre.

4 out of 5
Written by: Sean McGhee

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