The Deadbeats – Long Hard Nights LP/CD

Review in

Shindig Magazine


Date: 20050101

This is the type of thing that often gets called garage-rock but which really isn’t. It’s actually coming more from that sorta riff-laden post-beat/post-psych but pre-punk rock’n’roll kind of sound. If I want to be lazy I could say it’s a mixture of The Datsuns and Kings of Leon. But, yeah, that is very lazy. There’s more to The Deadbeats than that. As a band they are quite capable of standing up on their own without such comparisons.
These guys are, I think, coming up with tunes that ought to be able to get more mainstream attention than the stuff I usually get to listen to. Yeah, they’ve got songs. They play ’em well. They’ve got some personality. They’ve got what it takes. If you like fellow Swedish bands like Mando Diao or The Sewergrooves, then you’ll dig The Deadbeats too.
Written by: Murray Abisch

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