The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Date: 20071107

The debut full length release from Nottingham UK sleaze merchants THE HIP PRIESTS is finally unleashed and has already gained a fair bit of press over here including a favourable piece in Classic Rock Magazine. And rightly so actually.

An energetic, fuzzed up slab of fast ‘n’ dirty rock ‘n’ roll it draws heavily from the likes of THE RAMONES and musically especially from MOTÖRHEAD whilst delivers twelve tracks that only occasionally stretch past three minutes duration and offer no apologies for subject matter inspiration drawn mainly from below the belt. Completely unsubtle in all ways tracks like “I Love To Fuck”, “Super Whore” and “Cream Ma Jeans” are good indicators of the bands lyrical offerings although to be honest I found the main draw of the album to be some superb guitar work throughout, with the low-fi vocals occasionally off-putting.

Much radio play might be hard to come by thanks to our over-protective airwaves controllers but live these songs will entertain and although after a few listens a real stand out track has failed to materialise (I’d pick “Grease Machine” at the moment if pushed) it’s all of a good standard with no obvious stinkers. Well worth half an hour of anyone’s time!

Written by: Leslie

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