The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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The Cutting Edge (USA)


Date: 20071107

Riding straight out of a remote Nottingham garage are UK rebel wankers The Hip Priests. The foursome throw down their brand of high-octane, cranked-up-to-eleven, penetrating rock ‘n ‘roll with all the gusto of sweaty teenage copulation. Says their website, “The ‘Priests, as their rabid UK disciples affectionately call them, are a gloriously tangled mess of rampantly sexual, souped up, lubed up, ‘f’ed up, high action, anthem-driven band that is ferocious on a ten scale.” We couldn’t agree more. Plug into “Cream Ma Jeans” for wailing guitars, a pounding bass and drums that rattle the rafters – all brought to you at a million miles an hour. The sound quality is dirty, screechy and recorded so loud that the distortion breaks windows but with instant classics like “Demon Hooker,” “Superwhore” and “Ass on Fire” what’s a little broken glass lying around. Gary X Ray has a throat that screams more than sings keeping it all the more punk as Fast Jimmy HP peels off Stooges riffs and beats you to death with ‘em.

Smash and grab partners Lee Love on bass and Skintight Tim on drums don’t much care about anything except being heard. They bang, smash and destroy their way through “Teenage Friction” and “Young Savage” while still learning the difference between 4/4 time and a 16-count signature. Their attitude is who cares? As long as they’re pounding away at full volume – it’s all good. Like all good trash-punk rock the songs stick after the first run and you’ll find yourself singing them at the most inopportune moments. That can be a problem when “I Love to F*ck” and “Juiced Up ‘N’ Loose” uncontrollably slips out. Back to another website quote: “’Tight ‘N’ Exciting’ is a sweet ‘n sweaty sonic tonic to accompany your recreational drinkin’, druggin’ and shaggin’. Prepare to get down, get dirty and hail the breakneck boogie Babylon babies…the spleen exploding sermonizers of the sacred sonic psalms, the crazed messiahs of deep-fried bone rattling rock ‘n’ roll! The righteous king rockers of in your face shock Bukkake…drum roll please….The Hip Priests

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