The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Pure Rawk


Date: 20080501

Think of Turbonegro in a head-on collision with the Dwarves while Lemmy and Iggy Pop sit watching the carnage over a crate of beer … and you’re on the right track. This is garage rock at its finest.
You’ll need to leave all your inhibitions at the door, with the wealth of family friendly track titles such as “Demon Hooker”, “Super Whore” and “I Love To Fuck”.
There’s something different about this lot which makes them even more likable – Gary X Ray isn’t singing with a phoney American accent. Something heard far too often with this kind of punky rock. It’s a good job too, the band is currently based in Lincoln and Nottingham.
The personal favourites on the album are easily the anthemic ‘Cream Ma Jeans’ and ‘Teenage Friction’. “Tight ‘N’ Exciting” isn’t just a title for the hell of it, they truly are. This is end to end frenetic guitars, rumbling bass lines and leaves you wanting to jive like a nutter. Filth. Pure, absolute, trashtastic filth. Love it!

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