The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Lowcut Magazine


Date: 20080531

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Garage punk a go-go, non stop kick-ass, booty shaking groovy, this is the shit, not kiddin’ just freakin’. This is the greatest cliché garage-punk I’ve heard in a long time – and it’s brilliantly fucking well done. Very nice indeed so to say…

The Hip Priests out of Nottingham, U.K. delivers what every garage band of today wants to deliver. No one under, no one above and no one to compete with this band. The music is the usual mix of high speed rock along songs, gritty fuzzed-up guitar work leaning towards James Williamson and Johnny Thunders and a forceful backbeat with punky bass and a snotty like hell singer delivering some debauchery and dirty lyrics. Simply just cool like … well, just God damn cool!

If you dig: Zeke, Hellacopters, Thunders

(Masterpiece…or thereabouts…)
Written by: Tomsen

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