The Hip Priests – Tight ‘n’ Exciting LP

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Date: 20071107

The Hip Priests take the six amped-up garage rock songs from their 2006 EP, Number of the Priests, add six more of the same slick shit, and offer us their first full length, Tight ‘N’ Exciting. And not a more appropriate name they could’ve picked, because this album is exactly like your teenage sister’s pussy, man. The Hip Priests have one track minds and are not about to make any apologies for it (note songs like “Cream Ma Jeans,” “Demon Hooker,” “Teeange Friction,” and “Superwhore”) – they’re here to rock and fuck, and not necessarily in that order, in two and a half minute spurts, leaving you dizzy and slightly confused, but extremely satisfied. I’m pretty sure this is what Iggy had in mind when he defined rock n’ roll, and what Zodiac Mindwarp had in mind when he defined sex with your teenage sister.
Written by: Jeff

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