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Date: 20110401

After listening to the tunes on Tramp’s Myspace site, I was eagerly awaiting their debut to drop. When this turned up, I was ecstatic.Sweden’s Bootleg Booze record label have gone beyond the call of duty here and delivered a boxset of 4×7”ers comprising the band’s entire debut album and trust me, it won’t fail to please. How can I be so sure? Cos dude, seriously, if you like rock n roll, you’ll like Tramp. Featuring members of The Turpentines, Henry Fiat’s Open Sore, Captain Murphy and The Hellacopters, these guys have an education good enough to pass any essay on rock.

So how does one describe the sound of Tramp? Well think of 70’s KISS meets Grand Funk Railroad meets Bob Seger meets Rory Gallagher or maybe The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. You get the drift; 70’s rock with balls, guts, and guitar solos. It’s good shit. Once the opening track, Burn His Cross, took off, from the get-go I was boppin’. Great drumming, sweet guitar melodies, I was groovin’ man!

As the album cruises along each side of the 7” wax, tune after tune is delivered with unique quirkiness. Sometimes it’s ass kickin’ rock, other times you’re in a psychedelic world of hippies and flowers, but throughout the whole album, you’re appreciating it’s greatness. Oh and there’s some real epic tunes on here… take End Of The Line for example… pure epicness. It’s probably being sung in a church somewhere as I type this.

I have enjoyed following the careers of the ex-members of the Hellacopters as they were the whole reason I started this magazine in the first place. I was impressed with Imperial State Electric and I am impressed with Tramp. It’s footstompin’ music and I hope there are stacks more releases to come. Some might find the changing of records every few minutes to be annoying but for me, I find changing records over a physical connection to music so it’s no big deal for me. Besides, if I can get through the OFF! 7” Boxset, then I can get through anything. Head on over to Bootleg Booze and grab yourself a copy STAT cos there’s only 500 of the suckers. For those who are down with digital, you can pick up a copy on CD or get your digital downloads from Killer Cobra Records.

Oh, and have I mentioned just how awesome the packaging is? Well these photos will have to suffice.
Written by: Damo

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