Urrke T & The Midlife Crisis – Ask Not… 7″

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Bringing together 4 masters of the punk-rock scene comes super group ‘Urrke T & The Midlife Crisis’. Consisting of members from legendary bands such as Maryslim (Urrke T), Hellacopters (Robban E), Maggots (Mans 17) and the Backyard Babies (Dregen), UT&TMC slam 3 cracking slices of punk-rock into this 10 minute 7″ single with fantastic disregard and intensity.
With a feeling of experience and maturity about all 4 members, the spontaneity and fun shines through, with expertly executed guitar solos and the instrumentation is spot on throughout these 3 masterpieces of punk rock.
I always feel vinyl singles have more quality about them, a better raw energy only heard on vinyl. For that reason it’s good to see a band still going with the, in my opinion better, but less profitable option of a vinyl single in addition to CD’s. I’d say ‘Urkke T & The Midlife Crisis’, could, should and will be an all round success. Watch this space.
Written by: Lauren May

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