Urrke T & The Midlife Crisis – Ask Not… 7″

Review in

Lowcut Magazine


Date: 20050201

Lowcut Magazine (Denmark)

Members of Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, Maggots and Maryslim declare their love to late classic 70s punkrock. And I must confess this Stockholm project succeed with these superb covers of “The American In Me” (The Avengers), “Center Of Lies” (Warheads) and The Users’ “Sick Of You”. The last song is probably my fave on the “Killed By Death vol. 1” comp, and these Swedes totally do justice to the track. Of course the production is slicker, there’s now a twin guitar attack, but the essence is kept intact. AWESOME! Guys, why not make a full album? The single is in white/blood spattered vinyl.


(#21, February 2005)
Written by: Jens

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