Creep Outs – Hopeless Friends (CD)

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The Creep Outs began years and years ago in the small town of Bakewell, England. Nick Wheeldon and Andrew Anderson both grew up there, though they did not really speak whilst at school. They met in the local park through football, and found that they had a shared love of listening to records and playing music. Soon they had the idea to play music together, even though they were not very good with any instruments, and record whatever they managed to come up with. This they did, and though the results were amateurish by most standards they were still pleased. Over the years they did more music things, played football and spent time in and around nature in their hometown. In the summer of 2006 Nick decided that they should have another go at recording, this time as a band (he came up with the name ‘The Creepouts’) – writing half the songs each, and playing on each others songs. Realising that you did not need to be very good at guitar to write a good song, they tried to make a record that sounded like their favourite bands – REIGNING SOUND, PAVEMENT, THE KINKS – whilst still being their own thing; after all, that was what most bands that they liked had done. Following several different recording spells they had enough songs for an album. Luckily for them Off The Hip records heard what they had done, and thought it was good enough to be released – so now The Creep Outs have an album that you can buy.

14 tracks, released by Off The Hip Records (2008)