Pink Fits – De Ja Blues (CD)

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Just when you started to doubt your place in the regurgitating rock world, The Pink Fits are back to reassure you that this ain’t Kansas anymore. In fact, it isn’t anywhere unless you are somewhere with their new full-length album ‘Déjà Blues’.

Recorded between Christmas and New Years Eve 2008, The Pink Fits have created a diverse blend of rock’n’roll focussing on the key themes of dented despair, joy in a can, the heartache, and chrome tinted reflections of the social machine.

The thirteen tracks were recorded in a borrowed home theatre under the watchful ears of Static Attack Sound and re-affirm The Pink Fits as being one of the best rock’n’roll bands to plug in, hit and harmonise in this wide brown land.

13 tracks released by Off The Hip Records (2009)